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Dr. Sierra Baird

Dr. Sierra Baird earned a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the APA-accredited program at Brigham Young University. As part of her doctoral training she completed an APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at Brigham Young University. In addition to her work at a university Dr. Baird also completed an externship at a private practice and worked with a broader community population on issues including trauma, illness, interpersonal concerns, and sexual concerns.

Dr. Baird has a passion for running therapy groups. She ran several groups during her time at BYU including groups about Eating Disorders, Sexual Concerns, Anxiety/OCD, Meditation, and General Process which focuses on a wide range of concerns. Dr. Baird values the group therapy approach and believes that group is a great option for personal growth and healing.

While working at BYU Dr. Baird was also specifically trained on working with people who experience eating disorders. She was trained to understand the complicated nature of eating disorders and to approach treatment from many angles including emotional, physical, and relational. Dr. Baird is committed to helping people heal from eating disorders.

Throughout her career Dr. Baird has had the opportunity of working with sexual minorities and people with sexual concerns. She encourages openness around these topics and approaches therapy from an acceptance and commitment approach, valuing the individuals experiences and respecting their choices. She is a straight LGBTQ ally.

Dr. Baird has worked with many people who experience anxiety, depression and OCD. She is committed to helping people understand the emotional and physical aspects of their experiences and to helping them feel prepared to make important changes.

While at BYU Dr. Baird was part of a research team that studied sexual abuse against children. She completed her dissertation on assessment for accused sex offenders. Dr. Baird has a passion for working with people who have experienced trauma of any kind and she is dedicated to helping them feel empowered and whole.

Dr. Baird is fluent in American Sign Language, ASL. She began signing about 12 years ago while getting her undergraduate degree. She currently holds a national certification for ASL interpreting and she has worked as an interpreter for 10 years. Dr. Baird has learned so much while working with members of the Deaf community and she values her interaction and connection with Deaf people.

Dr. Baird is a companionate and caring individual and clinician. She values being able to connect quickly with people and work together with them towards their best outcomes. She is committed to the individuals she works with and respects their trust. As a clinician, Dr. Baird values helping people through challenges in order to become who they want to be.