Have you ever ripped through your closet, trying on ten different outfits, nitpicking how you looked, feeling like nothing looked good? Then feeling overwhelmed by all the clothes you have thrown on the ground?

​I have spent way too much time worrying about my wardrobe, judging my body and how it fits into my clothes. 

Last year I had this moment where I no longer wanted to dread my closet. I wanted to feel supported and good about the clothes I put on my body. I cleaned my closet. Anything that made me feel uncomfortable that I had not worn in years was gone and donated. 

Through working on compassion for my body and the changes it has made in my life, I knew I wanted to support myself through the expression of my clothes. 

Shopping gave me anxiety for so long as I thought my body was meant to fit in the clothes, not the other way around. I have become very intentional when shopping to add joy back into the process. I am shopping for clothes to fit my body, and if they don’t fit, that no longer means anything about me, just that the clothes don’t work.

Here are a few things I ask when buying clothes

  1. Do I feel comfortable in these clothes?
  2. Does it fit my body right now?
  3. Does this style support the way I want to show up?

Clothes should be fun, clothes should support you in the way you want to show up, but they should not define anything about you. Take a look at your closet and assess if you should change it up to fit the body you are in right now because where you are right now is right where you should be. You are worthy and beautiful at this exact moment.