Specialty Outpatient Medical Services

Eating Disorder Medical Services

Eating disorders are complex illnesses that often include significant medical concerns. Addressing these concerns is essential to success in eating recovery.  We are pleased to offer specialty outpatient medical services to serve the unique needs of individuals with eating and nutritional concerns. 

Our comprehensive medical services include initial screenings to assess medical stability, an in house lab with rapid blood work analysis, and EKG services. We offer ongoing monitoring with touch points and test results when you need them most to provide the safety and support you need in your journey to recovery. We collaborate closely with your treatment providers in the community. 

Our medical team has specialized training and experience with medical challenges that can arise from disordered eating patterns and are sensitive to the nuances associated with eating disorders. 

Psychiatry Medication Services

Psychiatric medication can be an important part of comprehensive mental health treatment. We offer psychiatric evaluation and medication management for existing Balance Health & Healing clients to ensure streamlined and integrated care. Visit with your therapist or call us today to learn more about these services.