This month I hit my four-year mark working at Balance Health and Healing. What started out as “just a job” has truly changed my life forever because of the people I​ have worked with and the lessons they have taught me.

Lesson #1 – Be Kind First

When I first started working here I was in charge of answering the phone. Answering the phone quickly changed from being something on the task list to becoming a pretty sacred responsibility. I quickly learned that for some folks, this is the very first time they are ever saying aloud that they need help. And for others, this might feel like their last shot before needing to enter some higher level of care. No matter the circumstance, my good friend and coworker, Josee, taught me to be kind first. This lesson is not just for answering the phone, but applies to all areas of my life.

We truly have no idea what may be going on in another’s life and a little kindness can go a  long way. She taught me that I will never regret choosing to be kind first.

Lesson #2 – We are all human and all need a little help

I work with some amazingly accomplished women. I’m talking credentials, certifications, awards, and accolades up the wazoo! To be completely honest, I was extremely intimidated even just walking into my interview. (That is a story all on its own)

One by one, I learned that each of these remarkable women don’t and can’t do it all alone. I stopped keeping count how many times one of these incredibly accomplished women walked into my office with their laptop in their hands saying, “help me please!” I have also been on the listening end of tricky personal situations that they, as humans like the rest of us, need to muddle on through as best as they can with the help they can find.

No matter how a person looks on paper, just know that we all need some help in our lives, this includes that person that you hold high on that oh so high pedestal.

Lesson #3 – When in doubt, over-communicate

I have heard this phrase so many times that I have been saying it in my own home. And now, when there is any sort of confusion my husband will say loud and proud, “when in doubt, over-communicate!”

I have been saying this phrase at home, not just because I hear it often, but because I see the benefits that come from it. At BHH we use email, text messages, phone calls, zoom and facetime, Marco Polo, and would probably use morse code if we knew it to ensure that we are all on the same page.

When I am understanding those around me and I feel understood, work gets done! I have found this applies in the workplace and in all relationships. Making the extra effort to communicate will strengthen your relationships.