The quote “there is no shame in admitting that you were previously speaking from a less informed place” really got me thinking about recovery and the mindset changes needed to embody a space that feels both foreign and full of uncertainty when working towards a place of healing. We often hear the phrase “healing isn’t linear”, and although that is absolutely true, there is much more to healing than what could ever be described as any specific trajectory. 

Getting stuck in one viewpoint, in one narrative, can inhibit your ability to view yourself as a holistic person with a story and background specific to you. Challenge yourself to gain information that will eventually create a broader narrative and aid in your self-confidence, power, and approach needed to influence growth and healing. Whether that means talking to a therapist, reading books specific to your needs, asking your support system for help, or engaging in open and honest self-reflection. And although growth can feel unfamiliar, there is no shame in acknowledging that your current mindset towards your body and/or food will hinder long lasting or attainable work within recovery. 

Broaden your narrative by challenging current unhelpful mindsets and reclaim your ability to navigate your own story. Don’t give your eating disorder the power to hold you back from uncovering new perspectives you could have about yourself, others, and your future.