I honestly believe it’s one of the bravest acts to pursue therapy and confront ways in which you want to grow and change. In the therapeutic space, I hope to offer my clients a safe place to feel seen, learn about themselves, and navigate growth. I honestly love my position as “support staff” to your life work. 

In my position, I share limited personal information. There’s value in this as therapy is about you, not me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But what I fear sometimes gets lost in this lopsided relationship is the shared common humanity between us. I think the nature of a therapeutic relationship can create a dissonant experience of feeling understood but also alone on your journey, as if I am a witness to your growth while I have already achieved self-mastery. 

I really want you to know that you are not alone. We are all trying to “figure it out.” I have expertise, and I am also very human. We are all humans together, in this messy, complicated experience that is life. 

I am not above you on the trail. I am not ahead of you on the same mountain. I am across the valley from you, climbing my very own mountain. As I climb my mountain, I can see you climbing yours. From my vantage point, I can offer support and guidance as I see perspectives that you may not yet see on your path.

I do not sit in judgment as some “wise guru” but rather as a fellow traveler. I am honored to be included and trusted to your internal worlds and hold seriously your trust in me and my ability to help you. 

When you sit on my couch, I do not want you to think there is some final destination for wisdom and growth or that I’ve found it. 

That said, I want to simultaneously hold that you and I, both, have worked hard for the wisdom we have earned. Wherever we each are, we need to remember how far we have come. I am no different from you. And if you find that I am helpful to you, I want you to know and understand that you, as you, have so much to contribute right now. We need to know that as rough, unfinished products, we are value added to this world. We can all be, “a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.” 

And the world needs you now. Not some polished version of you, but you in all your beautiful, messy humanity. And I’m right here with you.