I don’t know about you, but when I am looking forward to something down the road it’s mighty easy for me to wish away the time in between. Have you ever done that? Were you so looking forward to the weekend that you missed Tuesday through Thursday? Have you ever planned a trip a few weeks out and felt the weeks leading up to it were basically a blur? Have you so been wanting to be recovered that you miss out on learning at each session?

I think it is incredibly important to have activities, events, trips, nice evenings, etc. to look forward to, but I also think it is equally important to not wish the time in between away. The view at the top of the mountain is breath taking, and even more beautiful, and appreciated, after a long trek up!

Here are some ideas of how to embrace the “in between” time and be able to enjoy each day we get live!

1. The Glad Game

Growing up I loved watching the movie “Pollyanna.” I, and my mom, basically had the whole thing memorized. One of the things that I admired about Pollyanna was how she could always find the good in a situation, or in this case, “something glad.” Her father made up the “glad game” and even after he passed away Pollyanna continued playing. The goal of the game is to “find something about everything to be glad about.” As I have gotten older this has simply turned into thinking of things that I am grateful for each day. Let me tell you, some days are easier, and some days are harder. Maybe the only “glad” thing you can think of is that you didn’t trip going down the stairs, but hey, that’s something! It gets easier with practice and has become something that I love doing. We can find something “glad” in each day instead of constantly hoping the next time I wake up I am on the beach in Cancun.

2. Plan an Everyday “Treat”

Now, this can be a literal or metaphorical treat, and it’s best if you can mix it up often. For example, I love having a piece of chocolate in the afternoon and I find that to be a little treat of the day. I like going rollerblading out in the sun after work. I also love curling up with a blanket and book on my couch at night. Do you get my drift? Plan a little “treat” for yourself each day. And, I really do mean PLAN it. Write it in your planner or set a reminder on your phone, however you plan, make sure to include your treat of the day. This helps me embrace each day rather than want to zoom right over the more “mundane” days.

3. Check something off

I feel like my day really counts when I can knock off a few tasks on my list. Now, this does not need to be 1) write a book 2) solve world hunger and 3) wash, dry, fold, AND put away all laundry in the same day; this can be one or a few tasks that are not monumental, but little things that add to a bigger picture. Maybe you empty the overflowing dishwasher, reply to emails, write a thank you note, or meal prep, or a mix of a few. Whatever would be most helpful to you that day. Once I am able to check a few things off I feel productive and appreciate the day a little bit more.

I am by no means saying that you should not be excited for something in the future, I am saying that it is great to be excited about something while also enjoying the day to day. Find your glad moments of the day, enjoy a treat, and check off a thing or two!