How do I decide if ketamine therapy is good for me? 

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can be helpful for a range of mental health concerns and for those with a desire for greater insight and meaningful connection in their lives. If you struggle with mental health concerns and have had difficulty progressing with medication or therapy, you may want to consider how ketamine-assisted psychotherapy could help you gain traction on your desired goals. 

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is not for everyone, which is why our team completes comprehensive assessments at the outset of treatment to better understand your symptoms, goals, and concerns. Together we can discuss how and if ketamine-assisted psychotherapy makes sense for you. Our multidisciplinary team includes KAP-trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and therapists utilizing a tailored treatment protocol in keeping with best practices and your unique needs. We collaborate closely with you, loved ones, and other providers such as therapists and psychiatrists to ensure a comprehensive treatment approach that is specifically designed to address your needs.