How much does ketamine therapy cost? 

Comprehensive ketamine-assisted psychotherapy includes treatment by medical providers, therapists, and other specialists. As a short-term treatment, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is very reasonably priced, especially when you consider the rapid results and durable changes. Although ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is short-term, it is very intensive both in terms of time commitment, specialized care, and interventions. We are committed to providing competitive pricing while ensuring excellent care that does not cut corners on safety, assessment, or skill-building. 

Pricing is highly specific to the tailored treatment plan of each individual. Pricing depends on route of administration, number of dosing sessions, and number of integration sessions. In general, for a treatment protocol of medical and psychological intake and preparation, 6 dosing sessions, 6 integration sessions, online mindfulness course, and ongoing assessment, fees range between $2300 – $3500, depending on route of administration. 

How can I afford ketamine therapy? 

We are happy to arrange payment options to help individuals access this breakthrough treatment. Please contact us for more information. We are also committed to supporting members of the military and first responders. Contact our clinic to learn more about special pricing. 

Does insurance cover ketamine therapy? 

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is not universally covered by insurance providers, although check with your insurance provider to determine if you may have a benefit. If you have an insurance benefit for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, we are happy to provide you with a super bill that you can then submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. As a private pay clinic, we do not work directly with insurance providers, but can offer service documentation if you would like to pursue insurance reimbursement directly.