What do I do during ketamine therapy? 

Set and Setting. Your mindset about dosing prepares you for a meaningful experience that can be beneficial to you throughout ketamine-assisted psychotherapy treatment and beyond. Prior to dosing, our team will help you manage expectations, complete paced breathing exercises, and discuss your intention for the experience. 

Your dosing sessions will be most effective if you come with a lightly held intention rather than an agenda, and as a curious observer open to whatever you experience. Rest assured that regardless of what you experience during dosing, all experiences can be helpful to you in your treatment. 

Setting refers to the physical cues and factors during your dosing experience. Our team will assist you in accessing a music playlist to listen to during dosing. Our team will provide ongoing support and oversight during dosing, and depending on the route of administration, the therapist may engage in integration therapy with you during the dosing appointment. Brief, gentle touch, such as on your wrist or shoulder, can often be helpful during a dosing experience, but we will seek your verbal permission prior to dosing to receive your consent for brief, gentle touch on your wrist or shoulder.