What does ketamine therapy feel like? 

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is very effective in addressing a variety of presenting concerns. It includes rapid onset, rapid metabolism, and an excellent safety profile. Ketamine dosing is often experienced as a dreamlike state that may include an out of body experience. During dosing, individuals may experience a sensation of surrender, formlesness, interconnectedness, love, humility, awe, gratitude, and union with spirituality or higher power. 

Ketamine increases access to experiences outside of conventional time and space, and assists individuals in navigating the range of ecstatic to challenging experiences during dosing. Ketamine also provides dose-related flexibility, based on therapeutic goals, from psycholytic processing to psychedelic transpersonal experience. 

The reduction of external stimuli heightens the internal visual experience, which allows connection to the symbolic realm of experience. Ketamine preserves the observer, the part of self able to witness consciousness with non-attachment and non-judgment. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy includes a reduction in negative, obsessive, and self-referential thinking, and facilitates a spaciousness of mind, freedom of mind, and sense of movement in goal-directed paths.