What should I expect with ketamine therapy?

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) includes three treatment components: 

1) Assessment and preparation 

2) ketamine dosing 

3) Integration 

1 – Assessment & Preparation 

Complete a medical intake with our medical provider and a psychiatric intake with our therapist. These comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessments help determine that ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is an appropriate treatment for you. 

2 – Ketamine Dosing 

As part of the KAP protocol, you will complete approximately six ketamine dosing sessions with a medical provider and therapist, ideally scheduled during a 3 – 8 week window, based on diagnosis, presenting concerns, and treatment goals. Dosing sessions alternate with integration sessions, and Route of Administration (ROA) is based on diagnosis, presenting concerns, and treatment goals. ROA can include Intramuscular (IM), Oral (Lozenge), Intravenous Infusion (IV), or some combination, based on specific needs and diagnosis. 

KAP Integration. Integration therapy sessions are scheduled 1 – 3 days after dosing sessions (1 – 7 days after oral dosing sessions) and utilize several treatment modalities designed to help you integrate your dosing experience relative to your treatment goals and establish coping skills that leverage the positive effects of the medicine. If you currently work with other mental health providers, please inform them of your KAP treatment and continue meeting with them regularly. 

An important part of integration is helping you gain traction on building good habits that support well-being and serve as protective factors against relapse or worsening symptoms. The therapist will guide you through each of the coping skills and we strongly encourage you to prioritize these self-care activities daily for effective change and sustainable results over time. Treatment also includes ongoing assessments to track symptom reduction and determine a maintenance schedule over time. 

Who is involved? Our multidisciplinary team includes KAP-trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and therapists utilizing a tailored treatment protocol in keeping with best practices and your unique needs. We collaborate closely with you, loved ones, and other providers such as therapists and psychiatrists to ensure an informed treatment specifically designed to address your needs.