What should I look for when starting ketamine therapy?

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy includes a combination of thorough medical and psychological assessment by KAP-trained providers, ketamine-dosing sessions, specialized integration psychotherapy sessions, and focused mindfulness training and skill-building. This comprehensive treatment approach leverages the specific neuroplastic and antidepressant effects of the medication, resulting in significant symptom improvement that proves sustainable over time when the full treatment protocol is followed. 

Our highly specialized multidisciplinary team includes KAP-trained physicians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, and therapists utilizing a tailored treatment protocol in keeping with best practices and your unique needs. We are committed to your health and healing, and welcome any questions you may have about ketamine-assisted psychotherapy or our clinic.

Our collaborative approach ensures that your treatment aligns with best practices and integrates seamlessly with other aspects of your care. We closely coordinate care with your existing providers and welcome their perspective. 

When looking for ketamine therapy, look for a multidisciplinary team that includes both medical providers and therapists trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Treatment that prioritizes the highest medical safety standards, comprehensive psychotherapy services, and robust skill-building will provide the best results. Our team of experts, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and KAP-trained therapists, are here to help you gain new insights, develop new skills, and reclaim hope. 

To learn more about how Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy can help you or a loved one, contact us at 801.361.8589 or info@blancehealthandhealing.com. We are passionate about helping you reclaim joy.