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Each week we’ll bring you a new eating recovery tip to help you sustain and accelerate your recovery.

Are You Stuck in Eating Recovery?

Moving Toward Happiness

Improve Your Relationship with Your Body

Normalize Overeating | Intuitive Eating

Is Self-Sabotage Sinking You?

Your New Year Toolbox

New Year, New You

Pants A Little Tight

Victories & Vulnerabilities

Our Bodies Contain Generations

Body Diversity vs The Beauty Industry

Giving Yourself Permission

Untangling Perfectionism & Dismantling “Best”

Emotions Are Like the Weather

Full Recovery is Real

Surviving to Thriving in Eating Recovery

Appreciating Our Changing Bodies

Having a Why

Navigating Swimsuit Season

Structure with a Planner

Changing Inner Voice & Small Wins

Exercise & Mental Health

Grounding Skills & Enlisting Support

Do the Next Right Thing

Heal Your Body Through Poetry

Are You A Giver?

Do You Deserve Goodness?

Is Intuitive Eating Possible?

Let’s De-Moralize Eating Behavior

Are You Relapsing?

Bunnies & Boundaries

Resist Unbalanced Movement

Revamping Your Gratitude Practice

Family Dynamics

You’re More Than How You Define Yourself

The 5 W’s of Communication

Hope, A Developmental Act

Why Stress is Good for You

Help Prevent Your Child From Developing an Eating Disorder

Lead with Your Needs in Communication

Making Peace with Your Body

Paper Planners: The Good & The Bad

Body Checking

Body Image Timeline


Emotional Eating Myths

Relationship with Scales

SUDS Scale

Summit is an online membership community committed to helping you accelerate and sustain eating recovery. We believe thriving in eating recovery is possible and is most likely to be achieved within a community that provides ongoing education, accountability and encouragement.

Summit is guided by eating recovery experts. Dr. Melissa Smith and Dr. Anna Packard are Licensed Psychologists and Certified Eating Disorder Specialists. Through our education, expertise and experience helping thousands of women, we know what’s required to achieve recovery and thrive in life.

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