When I first started dating my husband, we spent every minute together and I loved it. In those moments, I noticed his cute gestures and funny mannerisms. I remember the first time I heard his genuine belly laugh and I thought it was the best sound I’d ever heard. 

As I continued to learn more about him, I noticed something that left me confused. I observed how his mindset and relationship with food was positive and healthy. I couldn’t understand because, up until that point, I didn’t know what a healthy relationship with food was like. I had been searching and working for it for years, yet it was the first time I was able to see a healthy relationship with food in action! I found it so fascinating that he didn’t exhaust his mind with thoughts of calories, comparison, exercise, weight, etc. 

My thoughts scrambled for clarity: He doesn’t carry mental baggage as a placemat to every meal? He doesn’t tie his gym shoes with shame from last night’s dessert? His every reflection doesn’t speak negatively to him? 

I needed to understand… I needed to know what his secret was! 

Now, after many conversations, I think to myself: He fully enjoys food and the experiences around it. He shows care for his body and mind through exercise. He finds his worth in his faith, values, and actions

As I have slowly started to understand and apply similar thinking in my own experiences, I have started to believe it. 

So I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to switch the word ‘He’ with ‘I’ and say it out loud. 

“I fully enjoy food and the experiences around it.” 

“I show care for my body and mind through exercise.”

“I find my worth in my faith, values, and actions.”

Now repeat that again! If this feels like wishful thinking, you are correct. That’s why it is a passage for hope. 

When recovery seems out of reach or far too slow, I promise that there is hope and light ahead for you. An incredible life, beyond the constant mental exhaustion surrounding food and body image, exists and is attainable. I promise you that there are celebrations, vacations, and moments in your future that don’t include that chaos. The light and peace that comes from healing is reachable, and it is more than worth it.