Self-care during the holidays is vital, and a great way to plan for a fulfilling new year. Although we have reached the tail-end of this Holiday season, it is incredibly important that you still take care of yourself. Because chances are, you probably haven’t been thinking much about yourself thus far. And while that is seen as a noble deed, to not think of yourself, that doesn’t mean you need to stop taking care of yourself. Below I have listed a few different areas to focus on to make the reminder of the holidays as nourishing as they can be. Use the outline below and choose an activity from each category to focus on this week.


There are several types of activities, but I want you to focus on three specifically: comforting, pleasurable and relaxing. Are there activities that help you relax? That make you feel cozy? What do you enjoy doing?

For example:

  • listening to music
  • taking a walk
  • going to a café
  • emailing a friend
  • a cup of hot chocolate
  • reading
  • etc…

Physical Self-Care

With the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season, you probably haven’t taken much time for your physical well-being. And no, speeding around from store to store in your car doesn’t count. How are you taking care of your physical well-being? Are you exercising? Have you taken the time to actually get something nourishing to eat?

For example:

  • exercising
  • good nutrition
  • taking relaxation breaks
  • limiting any substance use
  • resting
  • etc…

Stability Zones

A stabilizing force is something in life that anchors you. What in your life acts as a stabilizing force? What serves as a “touch stone”?

For example:

  • family
  • nature
  • volunteer work
  • spiritual practices
  • the arts
  • your job or studies
  • participating in an organization
  • a hobby
  • etc…

Take care of your heart, body and mind this season and watch how they will take care of you in return!


(Adapted from A. Brunner, “It all starts with self-care”)