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Eating disorders are devastating illnesses that rob identity, hope, and health. And they never show up alone. Often accompanied by other significant mental and physical health concerns, eating disorders require specialized treatment by experts committed to professional collaboration and comprehensive recovery.

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How we can help

Balance Health & Healing is committed to helping you lead a life of value and meaning, and will collaborate closely with you to determine an appropriate treatment plan that meets your unique needs and desires.

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5 Steps to Build Hope & Confidence in Eating Recovery

With so much information coming at you about eating recovery, you may feel overwhelmed. Or maybe you feel misunderstood or not seen by others.

We understand that it can be hard to know how to start your journey back to yourself, which is why we created this FREE RESOURCE to help you build confidence in eating recovery.

We know you can thrive and take your power back.

On the Right Track Teen Group

What is teen group & why should I join?

Eating recovery can be challenging, but there is no need for you to do it alone. Group is a powerful community of recovery-focused commitment. The gift of group is knowing you are not alone in your experience as you receive feedback and encouragement from others tackling similar challenges.

You are not alone and you deserve support!